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False Eyelashes, Made Easy

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Tiffany Andrews 

"I want something easier, simpler and better!"

I'm a person of glam and style and i believe that eyelashes are one of the main features that make your face more divine and beautiful, it makes your eyes pop, gives you a fuller look and if you're into makeup you know you can't NOT own minimum one pair of falsies. 

Our Story

I absolutely love long, beautiful eyelashes, but just like many other girls and boys, i don't like the usual false eyelashes with the glue. I personally find it hard to apply and sticky. That's when i started researching for something better, something that could do without glue and i found Magnetic Eyelashes. I knew in the second that i saw them that i needed to try them out, and I just fell in love with them! Since then i've never used false eyelashes with glue ever again and my everyday have been easier than ever. I know a lot of people is very skeptic about the magnetic eyelashes, simply cause it looks too good to be true, but I'm here to tell you it is true! And easier than ever.

We want people to be able to put on eyelashes wherever and whenever they want to without worrying about the process or getting glue on their eyelid and their lashes. And that is why i am now bringing you
Lashouts Magnetic Eyelashes!
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magnetic eyelashes

5 Magnets

Lashouts Magnetic Eyelashes includes 5 magnets for better durability and strong hold

magnetic eyelashes

Easy To Apply & Remove

With Magnetic Liner
Apply the magnetic eyeliner and attach your lashes. When removing, simply pull them from one end off.

With Lash Anchors
Simply just place one lash magnet under and above your own eyelashes and click them together to apply. 

When removing, swipe the two magnets off each other until un-clicked and remove.

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with over 40 wears, magnetic lashes wins the prize for cheapest cost pr wear. See our overview here


100% Cruelty Free

All our products is 100% cruelty free!
No animals were harmed doing the process.

Innovating & Improving

We're always trying to improve and
create new innovating ideas!

14 Days, 100% Guarantee

if not satisfied you can get 100% refund
 within 14 days when returning.